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Initial Contact and Consultation:

  • The customer reaches out to us through our website, social media, phone, or email to express their interest in a custom jewelry piece.

  • We provide a free consultation where we discuss the customer's wants, needs, and design ideas. We also provide a better understanding of the cost involved.

CAD Design:

  • Based on the customer's input, we create a detailed computer-aided design (CAD) of the desired custom piece.

  • The CAD design gives the customer a visual representation of the design, including approximate weight, carat count (if diamonds are added), and other specifications.


  • Once the customer approves the CAD design and is ready to proceed, a 50% deposit is required.

  • The deposit allows us to begin the production process and secure the necessary materials for the custom piece.

3D Model:

  • We create a 3D model of the custom jewelry, providing the customer with a closer look and feel of the piece.

  • The 3D model helps the customer visualize the actual size and appearance of the custom jewelry before it is manufactured.

Manufacturing Process:

  • The production phase begins, involving various techniques such as casting, fabrication, stone setting, and polishing.

  • Our skilled artisans meticulously craft the custom piece, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Final Product and Delivery:

  • After a production timeline of approximately 4-8 weeks, the customer's custom piece is ready.

  • The customer can choose to have the final product shipped securely or opt for in-person pick-up.

These steps ensure that the customer is involved and informed throughout the custom jewelry creation process, resulting in a unique and personalized piece that exceeds their expectations.

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